Majestic Plaza

50-75 Guests
This covered entrance is perfect for hosting an outdoor cocktail hour.

Grand Ballroom

500 Guests

The grand ballroom offers 11,500 square feet of event area. Amenities include 2 spacious bar areas, a private VIP room, a glamorous dressing room and a center stage of 18'x28' with convenient backstage access. 

Combine Grand ballroom and Old Guerrero 

 for a total of 800 guests.




Our collections are customized to meet each event's vision and distinctive style. These event details are to be made through Distant Lands Events, located east of the Grand Ballroom. We are here to assist in designing your event. Please call for a consultation. 



                     For Bookings  please call:                

Christina & Natalie  956-648-7332

Joe Ramirez               956-330-2465

Rolando Ramirez      956-330-1953